Matthew Sleman, Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Sleman is Founder, CEO and President of aquabricks toy industriesWith an innate passion for innovation and a sharp business acumen, Matthew has propelled aquabricks to unprecedented heights in the toy industry. 

Despite his young age, Matthew's strategic vision and determination have revolutionized the way we think about bricks. Building on his weeks of experience and several episodes of Shark Tank, Matthew aims to transform the way we play.  He is considered a frontrunner for the Forbes 8 Under 8 list.

Under his guidance, aquabricks toy industries has become a global leader, providing innovative solutions to making bricks more dynamic. Matthew's remarkable leadership and unwavering commitment to making the world a better place make him an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages.

Bricksy, Chief Marketing Officer

Brichard T. Williams III, affectionately known as "Bricksy," by his friends, serves as Chief Marketing Officer at aquabricks toy industries.

Prior to transitioning to the board room, Bricksy had a storied career as a renowned architect, revered for his innovative and imaginative designs.  His architectural creations blend functionality with whimsical elements, captivating the hearts and minds of both peers and clients.

In addition to architecture, Mr. Williams is well-rounded with previous leadership experience at Vandelay Industries in the import/export division and latex sales.

Bricksy is an avid aviator.  No animals were harmed in the making of Bricksy.